Rupert & Franck

We decided to give up our careers and city-living to move to rural France, becoming dependent on the income from renting out holiday homes. It was therefore crucial that we made it succeed from the start. We spent two years looking for the perfect property, eight months renovating it and we opened Le Mas & Le Mazet in 2016.

Le Mas & Le Mazet

Currently renting out for 25+ weeks a year, 75% of which are to regular guests. Whilst offering a 5-star product and maintaining it to a high standard, we have kept costs down. Learning from many people along the way and from our own experiences, we have hit upon a formula which works.

We are very happy to share this formula with others who are starting up holiday accommodation in France similar to Le Mas & Le Mazet.


what we can offer you

1. Tailor-made advice 

      • Business
          • Every tax you will be liable to pay and possible tax reductions
          • Registration and classification
          • Business insurance
          • Legal requirements of running a gîte
          • Rental rates
          • Guest payments
          • Terms and conditions, especially concerning COVID-19
      • Your product
          • Layout, furnishings and equipment of your accommodation
          • Garden and swimming pool
          • Extras
      • Marketing
            • Detailed information on 40+ online travel agents and websites, including the pros and cons of each
            • Your website
            • Social media
            • Publicity
      • Communication
          • Texts
          • Photos and video
          • Types of communication – from the tour of the property to a newsletter for past guests
      • Cleaning and laundry
          • Recruitment and payment of cleaners
          • Changeover day
          • Cleaning tips and annual maintenance

2. Templates for you to adapt

      • Communication journey with guests
      • Documents for guests (concierge service etc.)
      • Rental agreements in 3 languages
      • Tax deduction
      • Revenue and marketing spreadsheet
      • Cleaning matrix

3. Interesting addresses and introductions

      • Where to source quality products
      • Discounts for utilities, marketing, furnishings and amenities


your consultation

A consultation covering all of these subjects will take 15 to 20 hours, spread over 3 days, to include the subjects listed above, a tour of Le Mas & Le Mazet (even behind the scenes) and an inspection of your property.

We can also create a tailor-made consultation of the subjects most relevant to you.

If you’re interested in Gîte Guru advising your new or existing business, please contact Rupert on +33 (0)6 85852868.

live instagram chats

Rupert chats with Karen from Escape to the Chateau: DIY about running and setting up a gîte, watch them here:

Part 1: the difference between running a gîte and a B&B; classification; and lots more

Part 2: business registration; tax; marketing; and lots more.


Paul and Charlotte Bransbury-Harris, Maison Montruf 

“Rupert and Franck’s advice was exactly what we needed to get on the right track. We’d been solely focused on our property and hadn’t given enough thought to the business side of things. They gave us new insights and ideas, a wealth of information and examples from their own experience of running successful gîtes. We truly believe they saved us months of research and effort, and they showed us how to avoid costly mistakes. They answered many outstanding questions and have put our minds at ease that we will have a successful business.

“We really enjoyed our sessions and appreciate having Rupert and Franck on speed dial. If you’re starting up a gîte or need to fine-tune an existing one, we thoroughly recommend you use them.”

Helen and Kevin Pittman, Maison Palissy 

“We stayed at Le Mazet before moving into our new property in Biron, and were impressed by Rupert and Franck’s gîte and how they run their business. I previously ran a Sawday’s B&B, but am now opening a gîte in our new house. Rupert and Franck have advised me on the differences between a B&B and gîte business and proposed a marketing plan. It has certainly helped saved us a lot of time and head-scratching!”