Eating at Le Vieux Logis

Le Vieux Logis is a beautiful hotel in Trémolat in the Dordogne, about 25 minutes drive from Le Mas & Le Mazet. It’s has one of the best restaurants in the area, awarded a Michelin star, so if you’re looking to celebrate a birthday or just want an amazing meal in a stunning setting, we recommend eating at Le Vieux Logis.

The centre of the village isn’t very big, with a village square and behind it the 4-star hotel, Le Vieux Logis. They have their own parking around the back of the hotel, just follow the signs.

Enjoying a meal at Le Vieux Logis

The outdoor restaurant is situated in the spectacular garden, under the lime trees which offer shade in the summer. There is a small stream running past the restaurant, although this dries up in the summer. If you walk on through the obelisk topiary, you’ll find the hotel swimming pool with avenues of wisteria.

The indoor restaurant is in a converted tobacco barn, although it looks more like stables as there are booths which I assume used to be where the horses where kept. It’s a stunning room, very beautifully decorated.

Le Vieux Logis

It’s one of the more expensive restaurants in our area, but also one of the best. We suggest that you book to have lunch there during the week, when they have a more affordable tasting menu. It’s an unforgettable experience as the food is amazing, matching the incredible setting.

If you do go there, make sure you also go to the Cingle de Trémolat for an amazing view over the meandering Dordogne river.