Test guests at
Le Mas & Le Mazet

In the past 3 weeks, 20 friends have come to stay at Le Mas as test guests.

They ignored the builders (and us!) and put the house through its paces – trying out all the bedrooms, showers and baths, cooking in the kitchen, lying in the sun and jumping in the pool, visiting local tourist attractions and restaurants. At the end of their stay they filled out questionnaires.

Test guests putting Le Mas & Le Mazet to the test

The location, stunning views, attention to detail and the character and comfort of the place were all praised. There were recurring themes like the strategic placement of bins in the bathrooms, lack of soap dishes and toothbrush holders, the softness vs. hardness of pillows, how to make the kitchen child friendly, radiators that ticked and doors that squeaked, recycling bins… all of these points have been dealt with and we are now confident to open for business next month.

Thanks to all of you who came and helped!