Top 6 things for kids to do in the Dordogne

There is so much to choose from, but these are the top 6 things for kids to do in the Dordogne as recommended by our guests. So when you stay at Le Mas & Le Mazet, try one or two of them!

Château de Bridoire (40 minutes from us)

This is the château of 1001 games! There is so much for kids to do inside and out – a labyrinth, lots of games of skills, caves, treasure hunts and the beam game, grass skiing, tug-of-war, giant berdinguette, reflex game, 300-metre-long game of goose through the woods, pétanque, chamboule tout, jokari, croquet, giant angling, egg-and-spoon race and much more…

The château itself has an interesting and chequered history, it was ransacked and uninhabited for decades until bought by the present owners in 2011.

Château de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle (40 minutes from us)

Built on a rocky outcrop in the heart of the Périgord Noir, Castelnaud offers so much for kids of all ages. Built in the 12th century, it is a perfect example of a medieval fortress. Today, the castle houses a large collection of weapons and armour and there are lots of interactive experiences such as medieval fashion, trebuchet and couillard firing!

Aquarium in Le Bugue (30 minutes from us)

The Aquarium is a firm favourite of our guests.

It’s the biggest freshwater aquarium in Europe offers a 4,000 m2 visit with, 70 ponds, 3 million litres of water, more than 6,000 fishes; admire the carps, the catfishes of our rivers and the sturgeons of our estuaries. The Alligator park offers the visit of a 1,500 m2 park with reptiles, iguanas and alligators, mammals. You will be able to observe Myocastors (Chilean beavers) underwater.

Become an intern for a day: feed the animals, become a park animator or an animal keeper in presence of a biologist.

Bastideum in Monpazier (10 minutes from us)

Monpazier is our favourite local town, visiting the market on a Thursday morning is great fun. There is a small museum, the Bastideum which tells the story about bastide towns and about how Monpazier came to be built. There are lots of games for kids through which they’ll learn about the history of this part of France.

Parc de Bournat, Le Bugue (30 minutes from us)

Le Bournat, where time stands still in the year 1900! This village, carefully reconstructed down to the smallest detail, takes you back to a time where yesteryear’s traditions, crafts and craftsmanship join together to form a real art of living “à la française”.

Watch the artisans – a cutler, saddler, miller, brewer – molding, cooking, grinding, sewing, stewing, smoothing, upholstering. There are workshops that you can participate in too.
Take a boat ride to the animal island, or go to the mini zoo.
Play the coconut shy or have a go on the vintage merry-go-rounds.
This is a great place to visit if your kids are interested in the past, how things are made, and animals.

Canoeing down the Dordogne (40 minutes from us)

A day on the river is a great day out for kids from 5 years old or older. Read our blog article about where to canoe to and from.

Canoing down the Dordogne river